Canni Cafe & Infusion Bar is a gathering place for friends, neighbors, and creatives to explore new horizons and indulge in a truly extraordinary experience.

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How It works

Our rotating menu of house-crafted beverages is entirely customizable – you can select from a variety of botanical infusions or traditional spirits to create a drink that perfectly matches your mood. Enhance your latte with functional mushrooms to boost your focus, or explore hemp-derived alternatives for an elevated experience. Kava infusions provide a non-alcoholic option for those curious about sobriety, but our comprehensive bar caters to those seeking more traditional methods to unwind.

Infused Cocktails: A High of a Different Kind

Cocktails infused with botanical extracts are fueling a fresh trend in mixology, introducing a whole new realm for both bartenders and patrons. Integrated into any of our handcrafted cocktails, these natural infusions offer a gentle, unique high and an exceptional flavor profile, taking the place of traditional spirits. These cocktails are designed to deliver a harmonious experience, highlighting the nuances of these extracts alongside complementary ingredients.

Kava: From Pacific Tradition to Global Palates


A traditional beverage derived from the Pacific Islands is making its way into modern mixology at Canni Cafe & Infusion Bar. Known for its calming and stress-relieving properties, kava has become a staple ingredient in cocktails that aim to promote relaxation without the foggy sensation induced by alcohol. Its unique taste, often described as earthy and slightly bitter, adds a distinct flavor profile to cocktails. Though some consider it an acquired taste, you might be surprised to find out just how much you love it when mixed with the right combination of ingredients!

A note about kava: Though kava is touted as a “healthier” alternative to alcohol and it does come without many of the nasty side effects, in large quantities it can have a similar effect to alcohol on the liver. It is not recommended to mix kava with alcohol due to an increased risk of liver damage.

Functional Mushrooms: Elevating Mind and Body


We never stop talking about our love for functional mushrooms, so you won’t be surprised to find them on our new menu! Functional mushrooms, such as reishi, lion’s mane, and chaga, have gained traction for their potential cognitive and immune-boosting benefits. These mushrooms are finding their way into beverages, offering an intriguing alternative to traditional cocktail ingredients. Lion’s mane, one of our favorite fungi powerhouses, is known for its potential to enhance cognitive function, making it a valuable addition to drinks designed to stimulate the mind. Blended with adaptogenic herbs and natural sweeteners, functional mushroom cocktails are designed to nourish both the body and the spirit.


Elixirs Enhanced with Plant Extracts: Relaxation in a Glass

Plant extracts have gained immense popularity for their stress-relieving and calming properties. Infused cocktails offer a sense of tranquility without the mind-altering effects often linked to other compounds. The natural, earthy undertones of the herbal extracts seamlessly mingle with a diverse range of flavors, introducing an alluring twist to any drink. The possibilities with these infusions are limitless, and our inventive recipes are crafted to harmonize with a variety of mood-enhancing botanicals. These elixirs are tailored for those in pursuit of a more serene drinking experience.


We are constantly updating our menu to offer you a robust line up of customizable drinks.


Chose from botanical infusions or traditional spirits and add our special boosts.


Specializing in community gatherings, events, live music, and workshops

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We offer a cohesive space for meetings and mobile work with free wifi and plenty of outlets .


Diverse products catering to various preferences and needs within the botanical realm


Showcasing some of the best local and touring artists in an intimate and vibeworthy environment

Space Rental

We offer indoor and outdoor space rental options. Perfect for smaller groups under 30. We are happy to share our vibe and offer you a space to fit your needs.

Drink Menu

Our drink menu is constantly being updated. To see what is currently being offered, click the link below.

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As the first cafe of its kind in the Milwaukee area we know there are going to be tons of questions. We would love to talk with you or help answer any questions you have about our cafe, rental options and drink menu.

I love everything about this cafe. I swing by in the morning for coffee and after work it's the perfect chill spot. Love the people and atmosphere.


The Premier service in Milwaukee. I highly recommend. Very excited to see their new expanded services and offerings opening in October!


Our family has been with Canni Hemp since they opened. Colin and his crew are fabulous! Our adult son with autism uses the 1200 mg full spectrum with great success. It continues to have a significantly positive impact on his life. Thank you, Canni Hemp Co!


The Canni Gummies and Salve are of the highest quality. The staff is super helpful and very welcoming. This is the only place I will shop for CBD products. Cant wait for the new Cafe


This is my first experience with a shop/cafe like this and it was absolutely fabulous. I've been dealing with numerous new health issues and they have a product for everything! The staff is extremely helpful and answer any and all questions; they are extremely well informed. I will exclusively do my CBD/hemp/functional mushroom shopping from here on out!


I wanted something to ease my stomach issues. Their "body" oil was recommended and I have been a happier person ever since.

Rebecca H.

As a creative I am always looking for ways to expand my thinking... and as a business owner I need to relax. Canni Fusion Cafe is the perfect spot for me to get both.

Nick P.

"My fav place just got better , Infused cafe beverages! No more starbucks, Canni is the new daily stop "