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How to Enjoy Kava, and Where in Milwaukee to Find the Best Infused Beverages

Sip and Relax: The Kava Bar Experience and the Art of Enjoying Kava
In the world of herbal beverages, kava has been capturing the attention of those
seeking an alternative path to relaxation and socialization. Kava bars have been
sprouting up across the globe, offering a unique and culturally rich experience for those
who wish to unwind and connect in a more mindful way. In this blog, we will delve into
the world of kava bars and explore the best ways to enjoy this soothing and centuries-
old beverage.

Kava 101: Understanding the Root of Relaxation
Kava, also known as Piper methysticum, is a root native to the South Pacific islands. It
has been used for centuries by indigenous communities for its calming and relaxation-
inducing properties. Kava is traditionally prepared by grinding the root into a fine
powder, which is then mixed with water to create a beverage. The active compounds in
kava, called kavalactones, are responsible for its soothing effects.
Kava is not only cherished for its calming qualities but also for its cultural significance. It
has been used in ceremonies, social gatherings, and as a symbol of hospitality in the
South Pacific for generations.
The Kava Bar Experience
Kava bars are establishments that specialize in serving kava-based beverages. Canni Infusion Bar and Cafe In Walkers Point
offers a unique and inviting environment where patrons can experience the
relaxation and social aspects of kava in a shared space. Here are some key elements of
the kava bar experience:

  1. A Sense of Community: Kava bars provide a sense of community and connection,
    reminiscent of traditional kava ceremonies in the South Pacific. Patrons come together
    to enjoy kava and engage in meaningful conversations, creating a space for social
    interaction and relaxation.
  2. An Ethereal Atmosphere: Kava bars often incorporate a relaxed and tranquil ambiance.
    Many employ dim lighting, comfortable seating, and island-inspired decor to enhance
    the soothing experience.
  3. Knowledgeable Staff: Kava bar staff are typically well-versed in the different kava
    varieties and their effects. They can guide patrons in choosing the right kava type and
    preparation method based on individual preferences and desired outcomes.
  4. Various Kava Options: Kava bars offer a variety of kava strains and preparations,
    including traditional kava, flavored kava drinks, and kava cocktails. This diversity allows
    patrons to explore different tastes and effects.
  5. Musical and Cultural Performances: Some kava bars host cultural events, live music
    performances, or open-mic nights, enriching the experience and creating a space for
    artistic expression and connection.
    The Best Ways to Enjoy Kava
    To truly savor the kava experience, it’s essential to understand the best practices for
    preparation, consumption, and relaxation. Here are the key aspects to consider when
    enjoying kava:
  6. Choose the Right Kava Variety:
    Kava comes in several strains, each with distinct effects. The two primary categories

 Noble Kava: These are kava varieties that are considered safe and traditionally
consumed in the South Pacific. Noble kava is typically preferred for its relaxation and
anxiety-reducing properties. It is an excellent choice for newcomers to kava.
 Tudei Kava: This type of kava has a higher kavalactone content and can be more
potent. Tudei kava is best avoided by beginners, as it may lead to adverse effects such
as nausea and dizziness.
When enjoying kava at Canni Infusion Bar & Cafe , ask the knowledgeable staff for recommendations based
on your preferences and desired effects.

  1. Respect the Preparation Process:
    Kava is prepared by mixing the kava root with water. The traditional method involves
    kneading the root in water to extract the kavalactones. While kava bars often offer
    instant or flavored kava drinks for convenience, consider trying the traditional kneaded
    kava for a more authentic experience.
  2. Start Slowly:
    If you are new to kava, it’s advisable to start with a small serving. The effects of kava
    can vary from person to person, and it’s essential to understand your tolerance. Sip your
    kava drink slowly and savor the experience.
  3. Set Your Intention:
    Kava is often consumed with an intention in mind, whether it’s to relax, connect with
    others, or unwind after a long day. Reflect on your purpose for enjoying kava, and let it
    guide your experience.
  4. Embrace the Ritual:
    Take a moment to appreciate the ritual of enjoying kava. Many kava bars provide a
    ceremonial atmosphere that enhances the experience. Engage in conversation, listen to
    live music, or simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance.
  5. Mindful Consumption:
    Kava is meant to be consumed mindfully. Avoid overindulging, as excessive
    consumption may lead to dizziness or grogginess. When enjoying kava with friends,
    encourage responsible consumption and prioritize safety.
  6. Practice Moderation:

Kava is known for its calming and muscle-relaxing effects, so it’s advisable not to
operate heavy machinery or engage in activities that require alertness after consuming

  1. Stay Hydrated:
    Kava can have mild diuretic effects, so it’s essential to stay hydrated. Drink water
    between kava servings to maintain your well-being.
  2. Know Your Limits:
    While kava is generally safe when consumed in moderation, some individuals may
    experience side effects. If you have liver issues or are taking medications, consult a
    healthcare professional before trying kava.
  3. Relax and Enjoy:
    One of the greatest pleasures of kava is the sense of relaxation and stress relief it
    provides. Take the time to unwind and enjoy the effects, whether you’re socializing or
    seeking some alone time.
    The Future of Kava Bars
    Kava bars are thriving, and their popularity continues to grow. As they become more
    mainstream, we can expect several developments in the world of kava bars:
  4. Expansion: Kava bars are likely to open in new locations, making kava more accessible
    to a broader audience.
  5. Innovative Kava Products: Kava bars may explore new and creative ways to serve
    kava, such as incorporating it into non-alcoholic cocktails, teas, or even desserts.
  6. Education: To ensure the responsible and informed consumption of kava, bars may
    offer educational sessions on kava’s history, preparation, and effects.
  7. Health and Wellness Integration: Kava’s potential health benefits, such as stress
    reduction and anxiety relief, may lead to its incorporation into wellness practices and
    lifestyle choices.
    Kava bars offer a unique and culturally rich experience for those seeking relaxation and
    social connection in a more mindful way. Understanding the different kava varieties,
    respecting the preparation process, and practicing moderation are essential for enjoying
    kava to the fullest. As the popularity of kava bars continues to rise, the future promises
    even more opportunities to embrace this ancient and soothing beverage in a modern
    and social setting. Sip, relax, and enjoy the world of kava bars for a tranquil and
    enriching experience.

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